Moments of Impact

Lisa Kay Solomon

with Lisa Kay Solomon

Leadership, Innovation and Design Strategist

Moments of Impact

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Moe and Lisa discuss how to design strategic conversations that accelerate change.

Moments of Impact

Quick – can you think of the last great meeting that you participated in?  How engaged were you? Did you leave inspired to take some kind of action?  Chances are, you didn’t have an abundance of choices to select from because if you’re like the rest of us, you likely spend much more time in unproductive meetings than you do in engaging ones.  In fact, as Lisa Kay Solomon reveals – collectively in the United states, we waste 1,246,133,850 minutes in unproductive meetings each year.  As alarming as that is, I’m as guilty as the rest of us in having planned, facilitated and lived through meetings that had no ultimate end result in mind.  Each time, I walk away with more questions than I do answers, but after nearly 25 years as a participant and an observer in more meetings than I care to remember, I’ve concluded that my formula for a successful meeting is simply to be clear, to be concise and to be decisive.  

One of the strengths that I most admire about this generation is their eagerness to dismiss old paradigms, and the whole concept of meetings tops their list.  In her brilliant new book, Moments of Impact, Lisa Kay Solomon will inspire you to reimagine what a successful meeting looks like.  Start by ditching the word, ‘meeting.’