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Put Your Passions to Work

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Moe, Chester Elton and Adrian Gostick discuss how to align the work you do every day with what truly motivates you.

What Motivates You

Not known for his love of public speaking, Nike co-founder Phil Knight made a rare appearance in June to deliver the Stanford School of Business’ 89th commencement address.  It had been 52 years since Knight earned his MBA from Stanford, and as he shared reflections from a distinguished entrepreneurial journey; he dared the class of 2014 to take chances, to find their way, and to always remember that ‘the goal should not be to seek a job, or even a career, but to seek a calling.”  Many look at the brand behind his name and just see the $76 billion behemoth that redefined athletic footwear, performance apparel, and the one that gives inspiration to ‘every athlete in the world.’  Still, if you dig a little deeper, you’ll see a portrait of an individual who wasn’t afraid to take on the world, for he knew that ‘without a revolution in thinking, nothing of magnitude is ever achieved.‘   

As Steve Jobs said, ‘you can only connect the dots backwards’ so if you start with that premise, you’ll undoubtedly discover the body of work that just feels right for you at a particular moment in time.  In their latest book, What Motives Me:  Put Your Passions to Work and Chester Elton (https://twitter.com/chesterelton) share a unique assessment that will give you a window into your unique abilities.  It’s simple and accurate, but the real breakthrough will come when you follow their approach to Job sculpting.