Winners Dream

Bill McDermott

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Winners Dream

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Moe and Bill discuss how to lead our lives and careers with passion, imagination and a laser focus on achieving our boldest aspirations.

Winners Dream

In addition to emotional intelligence, a positive self-image, and a track record of resilience, one of the more accurate predictors of career success is the age in which an individual starts to earn money.  For the two decades I spent identifying and developing financial advisors, and the seven years building the 33voices network, the one common denominator amongst my best candidates remains having a paying job prior to the age of 15.  For me, it was a paper route, landscaping, and the occasional snow removal; and as much as the money proved to be a source of independence; it was the discipline of doing what others wouldn’t do that will forever shape the person I am.

“No one’s past ever disappears, nor should it…” SAP CEO, Bill McDermott reminds us – “…My memories of vacuuming up flood waters, delivering newspapers, hauling dirt, clearing tables, waxing floors, serving customers, and climbing stairs on hot Manhattan days with a copy machine strapped to my back are never far from my own mind.  My history keeps me rooted, even as I strive.”   Bill McDermott has an infectious aura about him, and while few in leadership command his charisma or presence, it’s his sense of humility that will keep him climbing.  In his book, Winners Dream:  A Journey From Corner Store To Corner Office – Bill shares why the power of belief is the lever that inspires winners to dream.