Reshaping How We Interact with Language

Erin McKean

with Erin McKean

Co-Founder of Reverb Technologies

Reshaping How We Interact with Language

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Moe and Erin McKean talk about building Reverb Technologies, Wordnik and the joy of lexicography.

The Power of Words

One of the great maxims that has always guided my life is – Change your language, Change your life.  The simplicity of those six words anchor how I approach everything in life; and its why I have a deep appreciation for the work that Erin McKean continues to do with wordnik and Reverb.  Both platforms are hidden gems for anyone with a desire to broaden their perspective; and ironically both have become portraits of the Lean Startup methodology.  Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn from Erin:

  • How words shape your thinking
  • Why language is a business strategy
  • Why forming a lean hypothesis is anchored in simplicity
  • The key signals of a product/market fit
  • Why revenue models start with happy users?
  • Approaching difficult problems?
  • The shift from basic search to discovery