Small Move, Big Change

Caroline L. Arnold

with Caroline L. Arnold

Managing Director, Goldman Sachs

Small Move, Big Change

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Moe and Caroline discuss how to turn broad personal goals into meaningful and discrete behavioral changes that lead to permanent improvement.

High Achievers Think Small

Ask a high achiever how he conquers big mountains, and you might be surprised to hear that he starts by thinking small.  The interesting irony that you’re likely to observe in elite athletes and entrepreneurs is that while they aspire to take moon shots, they tend to be laser focused on the one thing that they know they control – the next step.   Whether it’s Tiger Woods or the late Neil Armstrong; Lebron James or Jeff Bezos; they’ve learned to gain comfort with an unknowable future, simply by making peace with the Now.

All too often in sports, we hear the cliche “one play at a time” and while it doesn’t often resonate with fans, it’s how winners distinguish themselves.  Earlier this year, we witnessed the New England Patriots and Indianapolis Colts make improbable comebacks because they refused to see beyond the next play.  Last week, we profiled Sacramento Kings owner and Tibco founder, Vivek Ranadive to demonstrate why he only needs a two-second advantage to trump his competitors.  Now, Wall Street veteran Caroline L. Arnold further reinforces that if you want to see permanent change in your life, personally or professionally; it’s best to start with Microsolutions.  In her book – Small Move, Big Change – this is the one thing that she wants you to remember.