Stop Pitching and Start Improvising

Steve Yastrow

with Steve Yastrow

Author, speaker and business advisor

Stop Pitching and Start Improvising

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Moe and Steve discuss how business is an act of improvisation and how we’d all benefit from ditching the pitch more often, and co-creating with our clients and prospects so we can discover more.

Stop Pitching and Start Improvising

Having spent the majority of my professional career in financial services; I have an especially fond appreciation for those who consistently demonstrate excellence in sales and marketing.  I was just 20 years old when I gained an interest in the industry, and although I knew little about the process of building a clientele; the one thing that I vowed never to do, was to recommend anything that I wouldn’t otherwise recommend to my own family.  

At my core, I have a deep desire to contribute to the success and wellbeing of others; and for me that always starts with listening.  I remember reading Warren

Bennis’ leadership classic – On Becoming A Leader – early in my career, and the big revelation for me at that time, was the importance of ‘creative collaboration.’  This was particularly true in sales; and immediately ignited a spark in my team to stop selling and to start co-creating unique solutions.  As simple and common sense as that may appear, it was far from what was practiced in an industry where the bottom line was the panacea.  

I was introduced to Steve Yastrow’s work earlier this year because he, too doesn’t believe in conventional selling methods.  His book – Ditch the Pitch:  The Art of Improvised Persuasion – he invites you to ditch your canned sales presentation, and instead to ‘go with the flow’ – here’s what happens…