The Modern Career

Pamela Slim

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Entrepreneur coach, writer and speaker

The Modern Career

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Moe and Pamela discuss your ‘Body of Work’ – everything you create, contribute, affect, and impact.

The Modern Career

Over the past five years, technology companies have dominated the list of most admired employers largely due to their uplifting workplace culture, far reaching challenges they try and solve each day; and above all, for the appreciation and recognition they extent to their talented workforce. Google’s perks have been the gold standard since its founding in 1998, still it’s most distinguishing characteristics is the collective IQ of its roughly 40,000 employees worldwide.  At Twitter, employees get the ‘chance to think about fascinating, intricate and important challenges every day.’ And, for the 4,800 full-time employees at LinkedIn, the company shares the same goal for them as it does for its 260 million members:  ‘to help them find passion and purpose in their jobs and to transform their careers.’

There’s little doubt that this generation prefers a different workplace environment, still we learned from Daniel Pink’s brilliant research, that its the place that values our autonomy, mastery and purpose that we all crave.  In 2005, Pamela Slim launched her blog – Escape from Cubicle Nation – to inspire those stuck in the corporate hierarchy to pursue work that was more in alignment with their deepest interests.  Thousands listened, reclaimed their lives, and today they look at success from a radically different lens.  Slim further defines your – Body of Work – as ‘everything you create, contribute, affect, and impact.  It’s big, deep and complex, and allows you to experiment, play, change and test.  It supports your creative freedom..‘  If you’re intrigued by that definition, start by defining your roots —-