Studying the Future

Robert Scoble

with Robert Scoble

Startup Liaison Officer at RackSpace

Studying the Future

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Moe and Robert discuss technology and the future of entrepreneurship. 

The Age of Context

Few have a pulse on the tech world like Robert Scoble.  Not only does his vantage point at Rackspace give him a front row seat to the world’s more innovative startups, its the depth of his expertise that sets him apart as a trusted resource.  I remember a brief conversation I had with Scoble in 2006 when he convinced me that blogs will forever change the leadership dialogue; and having just left a corporate hierarchy, I was never more anxious for that level of transparency.

Obviously, a lot has changed over the past eight years; but none more important the connectivity of things.  As someone who’s ‘all in’ with technology, I look forward to a more seamless, connected and personalized world; still I have concerns over the blurred lines of privacy.  In the Age of Context, Scoble and his co-author Shel Israel describe why the convergence of mobile, social media, data, sensors, and location will be the levers that transform business in the 21st century.  As consumers, it goes without saying that Trust will be the new currency.