The Birth of Giants

Lisa Pierpont

with Lisa Pierpont

Founder of Boldfacers

The Birth of Giants

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Moe and Lisa discuss Boldfacers, a site that keeps you updated on the latest and greatest events around Boston

The Birth of Giants

There’s a Japanese Proverb that always reminds me of the power of mentors – Better than a thousand days of diligent study is one day with a great teacher.  To me, mentors first and foremost are role models; not only will they help accelerate your growth, and boost your confidence; I see the power of their example as their greatest gift.  Naturally, if given the choice, most of us would prefer to be mentored by someone already at the pinnacle; and why not when you can leverage their expertise, grow from their wisdom, and perhaps most important; connect with their rolodex.  The big caution, however, is to never forget that the road to the top always starts at the bottom.

In Boston, Patriots quarterback, Tom Brady is revered – he’s earned nine trips to the pro-bowl; won three Super-Bowls, and his 18 playoff victories are the highest in NFL history.  Today, there’s no shortage of media coverage documenting Brady’s every move, but back in 2000, his path out of the locker room had little distraction, unless it was someone with the curiosity of Lisa Pierpont.  After an award-winning career in broadcast television, Pierpont turned her attention to the ‘next big thing’ – she calls them ‘Boldfacers’ – and here’s why they’ll inspire you.