The End of Average

Todd Rose

with Todd Rose

Co-founder of C4IO

The End of Average

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Moe and Todd Rose talk about a powerful alternative to understanding individuals through averages in order to take full advantage of individuality to gain an edge in life.

You’re Not Average

The 33voices Edge Dialogue series — Moe Abdou and Todd Rose  

One of the more fascinating conversations that I’ve had recently was with Harvard professor Todd Rose on the power of individuality.  Not only is Todd a portrait of his own research; more importantly, the Neuroscience perspective that he shares on why & how we do what we do will convince you that the only path towards living a meaningful life is to blaze your own trails.

In his book, The End of Average, he’ll share with you the three simple principles, that once you’re able to internalize, will challenge you to never compare yourself to anyone again.  During our conversation, we’ll explore each of these principles in- depth, as well as help you discover ways in which you can elevate the critical attributes that shape your identity.

Here’s a sample of the questions we explore: