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Moe and Karie Willyerd talk about how to take the first steps to stretching your skills to future-proof yourself for tomorrow’s workplace.

Future-Proof Yourself

The 33voices Edge Dialogue series — with Moe Abdou & Karie Willyerd


Regardless of what business you’re in today, the only way you’ll get and stay ahead is to continually expand your mind; both intellectually and emotionally.  Never before has the pace of work been so rigorous, and the demands on our time been so scarce; still modern day survival favors those most willing to reinvent themselves — deliberately.

“It’s much easier to be successful than it is to be relevant…”  U2’s frontman Bono is fond of saying; “…The tricks won’t keep you relevant.  Tricks might keep you popular for a while, but in all honesty, I don’t know how U2 will stay relevant.  I know we’ve got a future.  I know we can fill stadiums.  And yet with every record, I think, ‘Is this it?  Are we still relevant?”  That’s a tall order for any of us, but it’s an impossible task for anyone who doesn’t aspire towards a future that’s much bigger, and radically different than the past.

After decades of research and experience as entrepreneurs, business executives, and academics, Karie Willyerd and Barbara Mistick have written a convincing book, Stretch, to further highlight the urgency of future-proofing yourself.  In it, they highlight three ‘Stretch Imperatives’ that when practiced with the required rigor, will exponentially elevate your sense of professional meaning.  In my conversation with Karie, I dive into the specific strategies that will help you actualize the three imperatives, as well as share some practical mindset shifts that you can implement immediately.

Here’s a sample of what we discuss:  

  • What work is likely to look like 10 years from now
  • The identity crisis that each of us will face in the future
  • The three Stretch Imperatives:
    • It’s all on you
    • You need options
    • You have dreams
  • The 70-20-10 model
  • Why excellence requires deliberate and intentional effort
  • Bouncing forward – why it’s the key to thinking bigger
  • The correlation between your beliefs & your ultimate experiences