The Path to Extraordinary Productivity

Kory Kogon

with Kory Kogon

Global Practice Leader

The Path to Extraordinary Productivity

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Moe and Kory Kogon discuss how to increase your productivity and renew your sense of engagement and accomplishment.

The 5 Choices to Extraordinary Productivity

In 1993, I had the great privilege to participate in private day-long seminar with the great Dr. Stephen R. Covey, not long after the release of his epic blockbuster, The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People was released.  Being a young sales manager at the time, I was anxious to not only learn how to apply the seven habits in my own life, more importantly I was eager to see how Dr. Covey would ignite enough curiosity in the 20 participants to shift their behavior.   If you’ve ever been in the presence of Dr. Covey, you undoubtedly know that his presence exudes a contagious sense of optimism and confidence, still it was his passion to ignite greatness in others that will forever set him apart.  To him, a leader’s legacy is directly correlated to the impact that she leaves on others; so when he told me to put first things first – nurturing relationships has since been my highest priority.  

In her book, The Five Choices:  The Path To Extraordinary ProductivityKory Kogon reminds us that while the accelerating pace of modern life isn’t likely to slow down, maximizing one’s productivity still boils down to priorities and perspective.  Listen to her discuss the three universal challenges that sabotage productivity and how you can reverse their impact…..