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Amy Herman

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Visual Intelligence

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Moe Abdou is joined by Amy Herman, creator of The Art of Perception & Visual Intelligence to explore how learning to see better will exponentially improve your odds of success in business and in life.  

Sharpen Your Perception, Change Your Life

One of the great misconceptions about our vision is that, as human beings we see with our eyes.  The reality is that we only ‘see’ what our brain interprets, as such perception is a high-order brain function that occupies a huge percentage of our overall brain capacity.  Certainly, the science behind this connection is way too complex to explore here, still it’s a stark reminder of why no two individuals see the world or their life for that matter, the same way.  

For years, I’ve kept a simple metaphor close by to remind myself and those around me that – our eyes only see, and our ears only hear what our brain is thinking.  While that seems overly simplistic, try looking through Amy Herman’s latest work, Visual Intelligence:  Sharpen Your Perception, Change Your Life, and whether or not you have an appreciation for art, you’ll leave convinced that you hardly ever see things as they are.  

As you listen to our conversation, and to capture the full impact of her thesis, I encourage you to refer to the portraits in the accompanying slide deck and follow along as she explains how you can minimize your blind spots. 

Here’s a sample of the questions we explore:

  • Why you miss the obvious

  • How communications shapes your perception

  • The three critical ingredients to effective communication

  • Seeing the good in your biases

  • How great leaders learn to not miss the obvious

  • What your priorities say about your behavior

  • Before approaching your next complex problem, remember COBRA