Walter’s Way

Walter Scherr

with Walter Scherr

Businessman and Philanthropist

Walter’s Way

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Moe and Walter Scherr talk about how he was a Depression era kid who survived tuberculosis and six years in a sanatorium to become a leader in the business community; a boardroom millionaire; and a key figure in the early days of the high-tech revolution.

Walter’s Way: The Making of a Remarkable Humanitarian

What a treat it was for me today to share part of my day with one of the more remarkable human beings I’ve ever been around, Walter Scherr.  At 91 years young, he’s the quintessential entrepreneur who, in the process of making the world a better place, leaves everyone in his presence better off.   His character is one of dignity and trust, his example is one I would want my son to emulate, and his moral strength is what superhero movies are built around.  

Having dedicated his professional career to building businesses in technology and oil & gas, he now directs his energy to perhaps his most important project – The Center for Discovery.  As you’ll pick up in this conversation, there’s no better humanitarian on the planet with as much determination to serve those less fortunate:  

Here’s what he’ll share:

  • How he evaluates his life – both personally and professionally

  • How adversity has shaped his character

  • Building mental resilience & dealing with his lowest moments

  • The time he knew he wanted to run a business

  • Why management by walking around ignites the best in others

  • The greatest lesson he learned from Mother Teresa

  • The business philosophy inherent in the 3-in-1 egg theory