What the Best Networkers Do

Derek Coburn

with Derek Coburn

Co-Founder of Cadre

What the Best Networkers Do

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Moe and Derek discuss how to network by making meaningful connections, not collecting business cards.

What the Best Networkers Do

One of the most important disciplines that guides my life is the pursuit of learning.  For me, it’s a curiosity that starts with appreciating the experiences of others; and perhaps more importantly, my desire to share those insights and contribute to the success and well being of others.  In a big think interview with Fareed Zakaria earlier this year, former President Bill Clinton shared why taking the time to understand others is at the heart of what defines true emotional intelligence – “I was taught to listen, I was taught to observe, and to pay attention” he said – “… Everybody’s got a story, and every life has some inherently interesting parts of it, but people can’t get it out….”  

It goes without saying, that President Clinton’s signature trait is his ability to connect with people.  He’s a great listener, and if you’ve ever been around him, you undoubtedly left his side feeling more important than when you arrived.  In similar vain, Derek Coburn has a genuine demeanor about him that makes him a magnet for like-minded, highly ambitious individuals.  Flip through his book – Networking is Not Working – and you’ll quickly realize why those who make meaningful connections always start with this discipline.