What to Do If You’re Stuck in a Career

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What to Do If You’re Stuck in a Career

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Moe and Patti discuss stepping up and being the one to initiate change in work and life. 

What To Do If You’re Stuck in a Career

Former New York City Mayor, Michael Bloomberg has had a distinguished career as an entrepreneur, philanthropist, and of course, the beloved leader of New York from 2002-2013.  As he was preparing to leave office, he was founding buying coffee for Merrill Lynch employees and sharing these five tips with them on becoming a successful entrepreneur:

  1. Take Risks – Life is too short to spend your time avoiding failure.

  2. Make your own luck – Luck plays a part in success, but the harder you work, the luckier you get.

  3. Be persistent – Persistence really pays off

  4. Never stop learning – The most powerful word in the English language is “why.”  There is nothing so powerful as an open, inquiring mind.  Whatever field you choose for starting a business – be a lifelong student.

  5. Give back – You are ultimately responsible for your success and failure, but you only succeed if you share the reward with others.  

Patti Johnson would agree that Mayor Bloomberg has been making waves since being fired from his only full-time job in 1981.  In her book – Make Waves – Patti uses the word ‘wave’ to describe ‘any change that begins with your decision to act and ripples outward.’  Like Mayor Bloomberg, a ‘wave maker’ thinks differently, and it starts with how she assesses the future.