The Woman Behind S.H.E. Summit

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The Woman Behind S.H.E. Summit

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Jenna Abdou sits down for a conversation with Claudia Chan, a motivational women’s lifestyle expert.

The Woman Behind S.H.E. Summit

Written by Jenna Abdou

Claudia Chan’s advice to the next generation is to choose a courageous life. Although not a simple feat to accomplish, those who do always lead the most rewarding lives. Claudia puts it best when she explains that the desire to make money is not to be rich but live a rich life. 

The sentiments ‘Follow your passion!’ and ‘Take the risk!’ are too often seen on Pinterest graphics and rarely followed by those who share them. Fortunately, Claudia is among the latter. When she felt she lacked purpose after nine years running Shecky’s, a women’s lifestyle company, she practiced her own advice, took a huge risk, and started S.H.E. Global Media, a platform dedicated to empowering women. Less than three years later, she’s shaping the conversation about female equality as a social issue and recently hosted S.H.E. Summit, one of the most prominent women’s summits in the country. 

Try practicing these disciplines before you take your next big risk: 

  1. The decision to be a courageous leader is accepting the challenge of insecurity. Cultivate your perseverance, patience, and resilience to guide you. 
  2. Create a list of values to shape your life and commit yourself to making one about giving back. 
  3. Understand your existence in the context of the world. As Claudia shares, “Serving yourself is limiting. We make up humanity and share the universe together.”


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