Beautycounter SVP on Being an Agent of Change

Lindsay Dahl

with Lindsay Dahl

Senior Vice President of Social Mission at Beautycounter

Beautycounter SVP on Being an Agent of Change

Beautycounter SVP on Being an Agent of Change 1100 1094 33Voices

Beautycounter SVP of Social Mission Lindsay Dahl is a clean beauty trailblazer. We have her to thank for over a dozen clean beauty laws. Today, we’re diving into the lessons her unique journey has offered about how to create lasting change. We’ll start at the beginning with finding your voice. Then, explore how to get your message heard by discerning what matters to people, actively listening, and staying even keeled in hard conversations. Progress takes time. Lindsay shares how she’s learned to cultivate resilience, focus on the long-game, and celebrate small wins. Overtime, they become the big ones.

Beautycounter SVP on Being an Agent of Change

How do you really get through to someone? By understanding what matters them, Beautycounter’s SVP of Social Mission Lindsay Dahl shares on today’s podcast.

Lindsay has dedicated the last 15 years to advocating for policy changes to remove toxic chemicals from the products we use every day, including two landmark pieces of legislation that just passed this week. Equally inspiring to her impact is her approach: Accessible activism. In our conversation, she breaks down the key tenets that enable her to connect with people and make transformative change in the beauty industry. As a big Beautycounter fan, it was very special to have Lindsay on the show and I can’t wait for you to learn from her journey.

Here’s a glimpse of what we discuss…

  • Beautycounter’s approach to challenging the status quo and doing the right thing for people and the planet (Read their inspiring social mission report here)
  • Asking the hard questions and leaning into the messy parts of growth
  • Beautycounter’s work unveiling forced and child labor in the mica industry (Watch their important documentary)
  • Finding our voice as the stepping stone to catalyzing change in our lives and communities
  • Knowing and tailoring your story to your audience
  • A simple scale to understand how and to whom to dedicate your to energy to as an activist
  • Learning to be direct and have hard conversations
  • Lindsay’s approach to focusing on the long-game and not being deterred by daily setbacks
  • The value of accountability, acknowledging and owning our mistakes
  • Why having an abundant mindset starts with the our daily beliefs, decisions, and actions
  • Resilience lessons from yoga; “Stay in the posture longer than you think you can.”