The Language of the Heart

Zainab Salbi

with Zainab Salbi

Author, Humanitarian, Co-founder of Daughters for Earth

The Language of the Heart

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The soul’s liberation of realizing “I am” was amongst my first learnings from Zainab Salbi.

A world renowned humanitarian, Zainab founded Women for Women International when she was 23 and dedicated decades to offering both human connection and $146 million of aid to over 400,000 women survivors of war and conflict. Her inner journey is equally inspiring and I was most excited to hear her answer to that ultimate question: Who am I?

This experience of ‘descending all of her knowledge to her heart’ revealed that our hearts have a language—One she can only learn through emptiness. “There’s no value of emptiness. Yet, it is only when I go to emptiness that I can feel the divine,” she says. “It may not be spiritual for everyone. Though, for me, that is the path of my joy and freedom because I go to the place where all the space is. It’s joy for no reason and all reasons. Love for all, no matter who. It is only when I arrive at emptiness that I can go to that vastness of emotions.”

Zainab graciously explores her path of self-discovery—From the freedom of sharing the truth that imprisoned her from childhood to her evolving spiritual path and learning that “life regenerates itself like Earth,” which she’s honoring with Daughters for Earth: A non-profit she co-founded to fund women and girls securing the health of our planet. While our conversation is woven with wide-ranging insights, she threads it with a single invitation: To honor the life we’ve been given.