A World Gone Social

Mark Babbitt

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A World Gone Social

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Moe and Mark discuss what the Social Age means for your business and how to lead your organization into this exciting business climate.

The Three Golden Rules of Social Media Monitoring

Earlier this month, I was on a scheduled American Airlines return flight from Aspen to Los Angeles due to originally depart at 6:15 local time.  As fate would have it, we rushed to the terminal only to discover that we had a slight delay, but no reason given.  Now a days, it’s more common than not to experience such delays or even cancellations, still when they’re accompanied by little or no communication as to the cause, it can get annoying.  After 30 minutes of waiting, I politely walked to the gate agent and asked for a status, only to get his frustrated response ‘we’re working on it’ and no reason given.  Another 45 minutes pass, and I return to get an even worst stare as he told me that ‘the pilot is trying to determine the wind condition’; and again no timeline.  In the meantime, at the adjacent gate, two United flights traveling the same route with the same size airline, not only took off, but did so early.

At the one hour mark, I sent a tweet to @AmericanAir hoping to get an updated status, and I received the following message ‘you sound disappointed, what happened?’  I shared the frustration of the 50 or so passengers waiting and their incomplete followup was ‘What’s your flight number, we’ll see if we’ve any updates, Moe”  We eventually took off two hours later, but that was the last that I had heard from @AmericanAir.  At the moment, I vowed never to fly American again; and after sharing the incident with Mark Babbitt (https://twitter.com/MarkSBabbitt), he referenced why in his forthcoming book with Ted CoineA World Gone Social, they discuss the three golden rules of social media marketing starting with active listening, rapid responding and this third one that @AmericanAir missed.