Beyond Performance 2.0

Bill Schaninger

with Bill Schaninger

Senior Partner McKinsey

Beyond Performance 2.0

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McKinsey Senior Partner, Bill Schaninger joins Moe Abdou to explore an organizational change model that not only measures business excellence, but that prioritizes organizational health as its leading indicator.

Beyond Performance 2.0

No one escapes change; especially organizations.  As consumers, we demand excellence and continual ingenuity from those we choose to do business with; yet its a rare few who ever measure up.  For every Apple and Amazon, there are far too many Nokias and Yahoos – examples of storied franchises that lacked the foresight to define a bigger future.

Building an enduring business is very hard to do; still it’s the singular, most distinctive characteristic of an organization’s leadership.  Those who succeed know that it’s always about people – People grow companies and leaders grow people.  And, while that might sound overly simplistic, it’s far and away the biggest reason why certain companies live on while others fade.

In their latest book – Beyond Performance 2.0:  A Proven Approach to Large Scale Change – McKinsey Senior Partners Scott Keller and Bill Schaninger turn to data and two decades of hands-on experience to reinforce why an organization’s performance is directly correlated with the wellbeing of its people.  Choosing to put equal emphasis on health and performance not only multiples returns; more importantly, it creates teams of people who ignite greatness in one another as you’ll hear Schaninger demonstrate in this interview.  Here’s a sampling of what we discuss:

  • The modern arc of leadership – what has changed & what hasn’t.
  • The best examples of modern leadership.
  • What is organizational health and how do we measure it?
  • The most important attributes of good organizational health?
  • The 5 A’s of performance = Aspire + Assess + Architect + Act + Advance.
  • The most compelling visions = opportunity + capability + passion.
  • The four levers of the influence model.
  • The importance of motivating through social contracts.
  • How do you future proof yourself?
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