Carrot is Democratizing Access to Fertility Care

Tammy Sun

with Tammy Sun

CEO and Co-founder of Carrot

Carrot is Democratizing Access to Fertility Care

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Tammy Sun and Jenna discuss how companies are currently offering fertility care benefits and the ways Carrot is helping them customize programs to offer their employees. Tammy emphasizes that fertility care is a fundamental part of human healthcare not solely women’s healthcare and shares Carrot’s hope that fertility benefits become synonymous to other healthcare benefits, like vision and dental. We walk through tactics for companies to approach and implement fertility benefits at their companies and how to discuss them with your team. We also chat about Tammy’s career starting at The White House and transitioning to tech, lessons she’s learned about breaking down challenges and relentlessly executing on your deliverables, and the importance of recognizing that change is happening — “Lesson 1: Just Start. Lesson 2: Once you start, keep going. If you give up you are automatically out. There are a lot of things that can destroy your company. But there’s one thing that you have control over: You will not die because you gave up.”