Championing A New Era of Democratization

Josh Grau

with Josh Grau

VP of Marketing at Wealthfront

Championing A New Era of Democratization

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Josh Grau and Jenna discuss how Wealthfront is utilizing storytelling and design thinking to infuse humor, empowerment, and reliability into our relationship with our personal finances. Josh rewinds to some pivotal moments from his six years at Twitter including building and launching Moments, The Arab Spring, learning that the Turkish Prime Minister restricted access to Twitter (while they were toasting the launch in Turkey!) and how it revealed and amplified their duty to champion free speech. We chat about Josh’s time at YouTube during the dawn of creator driven content with now superstars like Katy Perry and Justin Bieber and the role it played shaping the media industry. Josh also shares stories from his time coaching women’s volleyball at University of Texas and Northwestern University, where he learned how to recruit top talent when you’re the underdog, and also shares his experiences as a sports broadcaster.