Episode #442 I Bryan Silverman

Bryan Silverman

with Bryan Silverman

Co-Founder at Star Toilet Paper

Episode #442 I Bryan Silverman

Episode #442 I Bryan Silverman 420 323 33Voices

33voices interviews Bryan Silverman, founder of Star Toiletpaper.

Wiping Away the Competition

When I’m doing something I truly love, I get lost in a zone where nothing feels like work.  Time flies by and I find myself left with the an outcome I’m genuinely proud of and had fun doing.  Having a passion for what you do is the first step to a solid business model.  The next is to celebrate your uniqueness – captivate others with your personality/brand.  Finally, always be sure to create a mutually beneficial system to everyone around.  When your customer’s happiness is your priority and your product clearly shows how much you want to help them, it’ll sell itself.  Bryan Silverman is co-founder of Star Toilet Paper, and was recently named College Entrepreneur of 2012.  Hear him explain how these 3 components have been the bible to his business…