Episode #486 I Nina Amir

Nina Amir

with Nina Amir

Inspiration-to-Creation Coach, President at Ninaamir.com

Episode #486 I Nina Amir

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33voices interviews Nina Amir, author of How to Blog a Book.

The Content Entrepreneur

Just a few years ago, becoming a published author was akin to raising capital – it’s tedious, full of rejection and tilted towards those with an influential rolodex.  Still the chances of producing the proverbial ‘bestseller’ were less than favorable.  Prior to the social web, as we know it today, writing a book was a lengthly process with little or no feedback and heavy dose of research; and despite the abundance of world class writers, few will ever reach the status of a James Patterson or Stephenie Meyer.  Fortunately, the landscape has changed and technology is empowering anyone with a content idea to become a creator.   Nina Amir has been on the forefront of this crossover and is one of the few who will provide you the framework on How to Blog a Book.  Start here —-