Episode #507 I Rose Fass

Rose Fass

with Rose Fass

Founder and CEO fassforward consulting group

Episode #507 I Rose Fass

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33voices interviews Rose Fass, author of The Chocolate Conversation.

The Chocolate Conversation

I’ve always held the view that the quality of any size organization is in direct correlation with the quality of the conversations taking place in it’s hallways.  Within minutes of walking into a new business, you get a sense of how you’ll be treated, a feel for how employees treat one another, and a glimpse of the ideals that shape the company’s character.  Of course, those initial impressions are purely initiative, but they’re also the ones that anchor our expectations.  As entrepreneurs and leaders, the words that we use matter so much that Warren Buffett likes to say, “If you improve your communication skills, I guarantee you that you will earn fifty percent more money over your lifetime.”  Learning to communicate effectively is a life long endeavor, but it always starts with relevance.  In her latest book, The Chocolate Conversation, Rose Fass concludes that effective conversation is the combination of your worldview, the standards of your audience and their pain points.  Here’s an example of how you can drive change —-