Looking Past Limits

Caroline Casey

with Caroline Casey

CEO of Kanchi, Started the O2 Ability Awards, TED speaker

Looking Past Limits

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33voices interviews Caroline Casey, CEO of Kanchi.

The greatest disability is attitude

Each morning, I’m fortunate to have the opportunity to workout at one of the nation’s top health clubs.  Naturally, I see the same faces each day, and while most are dedicated; one always stands out for me.   At precisely 7:30 am, an elegant, healthy and athletic female starts her routine with 30 minutes on the StairMaster, followed by a stretching routine, and concluding with roughly 35 minutes of intense weight training.  At first glance, one might guess that she’s a professional athlete training for an event; but look closer, and you’ll notice that she has two prosthetic legs.

You see, at thirteen, she lost both of her legs in a freak accident, and while that would devastate the majority of us, it actually made her stronger and built her resolve.  Her sense of optimism and outlook on life is contagious and serves as a inspiring reminder for me each morning that life is truly what you make it – show gratitude and great things happen; take it for granted and you might lose it.

Around the world today, an astonishing one billion people are living with disability and while it goes largely unnoticed, it’s the inspiration behind the evolution of Kanchi network.  Here’s the story of how one woman – Caroline Casey – and an elephant named Kanchi are changing our view of disability …..