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33voices interviews Ben Way, author of Jobocalypse.

The Right Side of Motivation

Modern psychology tells us that, as individuals, we’re much more intrinsically motivated. If given the opportunity, most of us would opt for a high level of autonomy, for a chance to be the best at something, and for the opportunity to leave our mark on the world. 

While it takes real courage to continually challenge yourself, the few who do, find it the surest way to lead a more rewarding life.  Growing up, entrepreneur, inventor and television personality, Benjamin Way, was diagnosed with dyslexia and as such was labeled by his teachers and his peers as a slow learner.  During those years, as others were harping on his lack of ability, he was tinkering with ideas that few in the UK even knew existed.

He started a technology consultancy when he was 15, became a multi-millionaire by age 17, and had raised an astonishing 25 million euros by the time he was 19.  Here’s what others didn’t see that fueled his greatness ——-