The Business of Belief

Tom Asacker

with Tom Asacker

Adviser and speaker on brand strategy, innovation, and marketplace leadership.

The Business of Belief

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33voices interviews Tom Asacker, author of The Business of Belief.

The Business of Belief

Society has conditioned us to be mistrusting of others; particularly those we don’t know.  During the early years of my career in financial service, I was keenly aware that my highest priority was to earn the trust of those I served and worked with.  Because I was young and inexperienced, I had to rely on my work ethic and the promises that I made to demonstrate the strength of my character.  

The most important promise was my unwavering commitment to always treat my client or associate’s interests as if it were my own – and of course the only way for me to demonstrate that was through consistent action.  As such, I’ve always been one to sacrifice any short term gain for the potential of a more meaningful relationship in the long term.  After reading Tom Asacker‘s book, The Business of Belief, it was clear to my that belief is fragile, especially in business, because you never stop earning it – here’s why ——