The Science of Happiness

Eric Karpinski

with Eric Karpinski

Positive Psychology Speaker, Corporate Happiness Trainer

The Science of Happiness

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33voices, interviews Eric Karpinski, The Happiness Coach.

The Happiness Advantage

Think for a moment to a recent day when you felt unhappy?  Chances are, your energy level was low, your productivity was subpar, you weren’t the best company for those around you, and you may have even opted to skip your workout.  Of course, none of us wake up wanting to suffer, still, we’re not immune to an occasional bad day.  The sad irony, however, is that most of this is self-inflicted. 

Since the release of Shawn Achor‘s epic work, The Happiness Advantage, it’s clear that happiness is a feeling; it’s a habit that each one of us can cultivate and nurture, but it has to start from within.  The fundamental principle is simple; if your inner conditions are strong, then even the most difficult of challenges won’t alter your mental state. 

The Happiness Coach, Eric Karpinski gives you three simple happiness habits that are sure to alter your mood.