Exceptionalize It!

Lior Arussy

with Lior Arussy

President of Strativity Group Inc

Exceptionalize It!

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Moe and Lior Arussy discuss how to rise up to the exceptional performance within organizations and as individuals.

Exceptionalizing Your Customer Experience

Have you tried to call your mobile phone provider lately?  How about your cable or satellite service?  If you have, chances are, you experienced a mechanical operator, long hold times, and a less than satisfactory result.  As consumers, we expect those from which we buy to deliver extraordinary service, but because such experiences are so rare, we’ll often settle for anything above average.  The puzzling thing, however, is that those same individuals who are delivering such subpar service are themselves consumers; and I’ve often wondered how they’d react if the roles were reversed?  I posed that question to a highly respected customer experienced connoisseur and Founder of the customer service consultancy, Strativity Group. Lior Arussy.  

Having dedicated his entire professional career to the study of service excellence, Arussy just revised his customer experience manifesto, Exceptionalize It! to help you transform each of your customer touch points.  

Here’s what guides our conversation:

  • The first thing your customer will notice about your company

  • Why bad customer service is contagious, while exceptional experiences are rarely imitated

  • The missing ingredient that’s likely prevent you from exceptionalizing your service

  • The ethos at the heart of exceptional service

  • The correlation between workplace culture and customer experience

  • The price of loyalty

  • What distinguishes top-tier content providers