How to Lead with Greater Impact

Herminia Ibarra

with Herminia Ibarra

Professor of Organizational Behavior at INSEAD

How to Lead with Greater Impact

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Moe and Herminia Ibarra talk about what kind of work is important, how to invest your time, why and which relationships matter and who you want to become.

Act Like a Leader, Think Like a Leader

I remember vividly being offered my first leadership opportunity; I was 22 years old, and my managing partner and I were having dinner at a swank “K Street” restaurant when he asked me to go for walk after he paid a bundle for what seemed to be a small amount of food.  I was a bit perplexed because it was a particularly cold December evening in DC, but we walked and talked for the better part of an hour, before he finally said to me that I’d be ‘an outstanding manager.’   I didn’t quite know what to make of it, still I acknowledged his sentiments by expressing my appreciation for his mentorship, and let him know that I had a great role model in him.

As we neared our cars, he stopped, again to ask me if I’d ever seen myself in a management role?  Being honest, I reiterated how much I enjoyed the freedom of sales, but stressed that I’d be open to listening and following his guidance.  We met at the office the following morning, and within a week, I was handing out my ‘Sales Manger’ business cards.  I felt both excited and scared.  I had more questions than I did answers, and despite being reminded on numerous occasions that the job ‘didn’t come with an instruction manual,’ I found my safe haven in Nike’s ‘just do it’ campaign.  

The quintessential 30 second clip had launched a year prior and featured an 80-year-old, Walt Stack running across the Golden Gate Bridge chatting about his daily 17-mile run smiling and reminding us to ‘Just Do It’.  Those three words inspired me to look beyond the fear, and seek greatness in everything I did, Much like what Herminia Ibarra, professor of leadership and organizational behavior at INSEAD will stress in her latest book, Act Like a Leader, Think Like a Leader.    As you’ll see, her philosophy isn’t about strengths, introspection or self-reflection. To her, it’s about acting your way into becoming a great leader.  

As you listen to our conversation, pay attention to her commentary on these key topics:  

  • Why the state of leadership today is less than satisfactory

  • Why the way leaders think about their jobs is what’s keeping them from stepping up

  • How admired leaders define their identity

  • Why scheduling ‘thinking time’ is a bad idea

  • The three key principle of The “Outsight” Principle

  • The key to continually redefining your role as a leader

  • The Power of Play