Leading with Intention

Mindy Hall

with Mindy Hall

President & CEO of Peark Development Consulting

Leading with Intention

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Moe and Mindy Hall talk about how every interaction is an opportunity to influence and inspire others to achieve extraordinary results. 

Leading with Intention

One of the great privileges of leadership is the opportunity to impact the lives of those you lead — in good times and bad.  Thomas Caryle once said that “for every one hundred people who can handle adversity, there is only one who can handle prosperity.”  Too often, we hail those who stand up in the face of difficulty, and deservedly so. Still, the temptation to abuse the power of the position is not to be overlooked.  There’s been no shortage of leadership scandals the past few years, and not only has it given rise to greater accountability, more importantly, it has made a leader’s repetitional capital her ultimate measuring stick.

In her work with senior executives, Mindy Hall Ph.D. concentrates her efforts on integrating three layers of growth that starts with a deep look inside; and that’s where my conversation with her starts.  

Here’s what we’ll cover:  

  • The most important question a leader needs to ask herself

  • Leading with intention in anchored in this philosophy

  • What it means to be an observer of your actions

  • The triggers that shape a leader’s behavior

  • The power of emotions

  • How intentional leaders handle conflict

  • The correlation between intention and happiness