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Gary Rivlin

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Poverty, Inc.

The best entrepreneurs solve the world’s most interesting problems in creative ways.  And as we all experienced the past 3 years, none have been more interesting than the issues caused by the financial markets.  While the sub-prime crisis was destroying the Lehman Brothers and AIG’s of the world, it was giving rise to an obscure industry that had managed to stay under the radar for decades – Poverty Inc.

Imagine the poorest of the poor needing a small advance on their paycheck and being charged 400% annual interest. Or a poverty stricken single mom paying 35% interest on a $500 credit card.  And imagine that those same banks that caused the financial meltdown were amongst the biggest investors in such businesses; it’s shocking and true.  

Former New York Times Columnist and current Daily Beast journalist Gary Rivlin reveals everything in his book “Broke, USA” and in my interview with him.