Get It Done

Sam Bennett

with Sam Bennett

Creator of The Organized Artist Company

Get It Done

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Moe and Sam Bennett talk about how to go from procrastination to creative genius in 15 minutes a day.

What’s Holding Us Back?

As human beings, each of us procrastinates in someway; and its likely those mundane tasks like doing the laundry, getting the mail or paying bills that are the easiest to neglect.  For me personally, procrastinations lurks its ugly head when I’m forced to do something that I don’t particularly enjoy or that’s outside my circle of competence; still they have to be done; so I’ve made it a habit each day to spend 15 minutes making progress with any such activity.  That certainly isn’t a novel idea, but read Sam Bennett’s ( book, Get It Done: From Procrastination to Creative Genius in 15 minutes a Day, and you’ll walk away convinced that procrastination is truly genius in disguise.  Sam is a delightful individual with an infectious sense of optimism, and what you’ll discover from our conversation is that each of us is equipped with the raw materials to get things done, and it’s often those little things that we can’t see that are holding us back.  Here’s what we’ll explore:  

  • What make procrastination contagious & how do you fix it

  • The five quick questions that yield instant results

  • The correlation between perfection and procrastination

  • What the modern to-do list looks like

  • An Ode to the overwhelmed

  • What it takes to see the good in a difficult person

  • What does identity building really mean