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Jeffrey Shaw

with Jeffrey Shaw

Host of Creative Warriors Podcast

Getting Results

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Moe and Jeffrey Shaw talk about how to be more of who you are, attract clients that value what you do and have the business of your dreams.

What Can a Photographer Teach an Ambitious Entrepreneur?

Other than the obvious, what can you learn from a world class photographer that could multiply your business?

That’s a question that I contemplated when I was introduced to the work of Jeffrey Shaw.  For years now, I’ve looked to artists and creatives for inspiration, and I wasn’t disappointed when I saw the wizardry of Jeffrey’s camera work.  Take a peek and you’ll notice elegance and class, but dig a little deeper inside the man behind the camera, and you’ll discover a shrewdness about business and life that’s as infectious as it is impactful.  I was excited to explore with Jeffrey how the creative side of photography parallels with his business coaching philosophy.  

Here’s what you’ll hear:

  • The process of working through a difficult problem

  • Understanding a coach’s most important responsibility

  • How being around affluence has shaped his character

  • The good and bad sides of becoming wealthy

  • How the more accomplished leaders get results

  • Building the mental fortitude to withstand setbacks

  • Learning not to worry