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Helping LA Find Perfect Caregivers

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Chase and Jenna have a conversation with HomeHero’s Kyle and Mike about how they became the best home care services in Los Angeles.

Scaling HomeHero

When Jason Calacanis compared HomeHero to Uber I quickly researched the company to save myself from missing the next big game changer.

Initially surprised that Jason’s prediction for the next billion dollar company is a portal for senior care giving, I was even more shocked that the founders are two laid back, sky-diving twenty somethings with a big vision.

After struggling to find in-home care for their loved ones, Kyle Hill and Mike Townsend, formerly of Flowtab (check out the site for an in depth story of how they built and closed the startup), sought to create a marketplace for families to identify, interview, hire and collaborate with Heroes to care for their grandparents in Los Angeles.

Similar to Handy, the duo is focused on establishing trust in their first market before expanding elsewhere.

HomeHero’s scaling strategy stems from Uber’s GM William Barnes who shared that he has no idea how Uber gets their customers (I was shocked too!) leaving the founders with the simple, yet powerful advice that the ‘silver bullet’ for growth isn’t a hack at all – It’s product market fit.

Mike describes it as developing the company on their own turf and both founders encourage startups not to replicate their model until it fits. Most importantly, young companies should use the time to experiment with tactics and learn from their mistakes to create a solid, and easily replicable model to own each market.

To learn more about how Kyle and Mike are establishing it in LA tune into today’s episode of 33founders where they highlight the hiring, scaling and experimentation tactics leading the team.