Revolutionizing Retail

Erika Racicot

with Erika Racicot

COO & Co-Founder at Slyce

Revolutionizing Retail

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Chase and Jenna chat with Erika about how Slyce is allowing shoppers to buy the things they want simply by snapping a photo.

Snap, Shop and Ship

How many times have you gone to dinner and heard your friend claim that she bought the group’s favorite sweater at a small boutique, AKA good luck finding it.

Thanks to Toronto based startup Slyce, luck is on your side; And all you have to do is take a picture of your friend’s “one of a kind” sweater and you can get a purchasable result on your phone and have it shipped before the waiter asks if you’d like dessert.

Erika Racicot, the co-founder and COO of Slyce and President of Business Instincts Group, is fascinated by solving the seemingly impossible. In addition to incubating the first visual search platform with Slyce, BIG worked with Urthecast to put Live HD cameras in space and is pioneering an autonomous flying video camera with Trace. So, it’s safe to say when Erika said that everyday as a founder is different we believed her.

Tune into our conversation to learn more about Slyce and gain insight on Erika’s best advice for startups to disrupt traditional protocol.