How Lumi is Powering the Brands of the Future

Jesse Genet

with Jesse Genet

Founder and CEO of Lumi

How Lumi is Powering the Brands of the Future

How Lumi is Powering the Brands of the Future 400 400 33Voices

Jesse and Jenna discuss how Lumi is pioneering a new standard in the packaging world and entrepreneurial lessons the team’s gleaning along the way.

Learning Points

  • How your packaging brings your story to life and why it’s an investment for early-stage startups; “Your packaging is a walking billboard that represents your brand.” 
  • Lumi’s commitment to support startups – even when it means purchasing less packaging – to make decisions that will help them grow their business; “A big element of our brand is empathy for entrepreneurs.” 
  • Key reflections from 12 years of entrepreneurship; “No part of your journey is random, but putting the pieces together can be really challenging.” 
  • The honest reality of making it to product market fit – “It’s not obvious. You don’t just wake up and have a product people love over night.” 
  • The early days of launching Lumi’s packaging business; “The biggest mistake you can make is inaction. You don’t learn by planning and strategizing. You learn by trying.”
  • Real insights about how to enjoy the process and truly learn from every experience you have