How Technology Is Revolutionizing Advertising

Michael Smith

with Michael Smith

VP of Revenue Platforms & Operations at Hearst

How Technology Is Revolutionizing Advertising

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Moe and Mike Smith discuss how to find and connect with customers in the vast and shifting Internet universe.


Mike Smith, Vice President of Revenue Platforms and Operations at Hearst Magazine digital media joins Moe Abdou to discuss the evolution of digital advertising and ways in which progressive brands are staying ahead of the shifting internet universe.  Their conversation will give you a glimpse of Hearst’s digital strategy within the context of Smith’s latest book, Targeted:  How Technology Is Revolutionizing Advertising and the Way Companies Reach Consumers.  The key insights will include:

  • How to leverage the three key trends in digital advertising

  • Why brand loyalty isn’t what it used to be

  • How real-time bidding (RTB) improves the odds of you reaching your optimal customer

  • Identifying the real opportunities in the app and mobile space

  • The essence of an effective search engine marketing campaign

  • The complexity and opportunity within personalized content

  • What actually takes place in the seconds between entering a web address and having the page rendered