Is Innovation Overused?

Neal Thornberry

with Neal Thornberry


Is Innovation Overused?

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Moe and Neal discuss how to counterbalance innovation killers as you strive to build a world-class organization.

Is Innovation Overused?

So what really is innovation?  As much as it is highly personal, at its essence, its something new, better and different that improves the lives of a meaningful segment of the population.  Whether it’s the light bulb or the computer; the printing press or the microchip; the electric car or the internet – they’ve all shaped and will forever continue to make our better.  The irony, however, is that regardless of what you would consider innovative, someone before you dared enough to test something that’s never been done before.  

Sure it takes courage and foresight, but as Professor Emeritus at Babson College, Neal E. Thornberry describes in – Innovation Judo – it’s wise to anticipate the inevitable roadblocks that you’re likely encounter along the way.  Here are seven principles that will help you get unstuck.