Leadership Lessons from Pope Francis

Jeffrey Krames

with Jeffrey Krames

President of JK Literary Services

Leadership Lessons from Pope Francis

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Moe and Jeffrey discuss the power of Pope Francis’s methods, and how anyone can lead with grace and greater authenticity.

Leading with Humility

At lunch with my family over the weekend, we got into a discussion about the role that humility plays in each of our lives – and while our perspectives may have varied; each of us walked away appreciating why it’s one of those immutable principles that just seems to anchor everything we do.  Like integrity, humility is largely unspoken; and it’s what gives the world a glimpse inside your character.  Ever since I can remember, humility has always represented the highest form of self-respect – it reminds me to be appreciative for every ounce of progress and prosperity I have; to be open and respectful of the wisdom I gain from others; and above all, to never forget that its my vulnerability that makes me human.

When I first heard Pope Francis echo the words “Who am I to Judge” describing his views towards the gay population – I believed him and I immediately prayed for him, simply because I felt his sincerity.  I knew that a speechwriter didn’t emphasize those five words, his heart did; and that’s why I was so excited when I read Jeffrey A. Krames’ book, Lead with Humility:  12 Leadership Lessons from Pope Francis.  Krames describes what those five words can teach each of us about judging others