Learning To Let Your Life Unfold

Justine Lucas

with Justine Lucas

Executive Director of the Clara Lionel Foundation

Learning To Let Your Life Unfold

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Justine Lucas and Jenna discuss the Clara Lionel Foundation’s work supporting global education and emergency response programs, as well as her expertise mobilizing social movements and the non-profit 2.0 model. We spend most of our chat exploring Justine’s philosophy on truly taking advantage of life, from her unplanned travel adventures to her freeing ability to allow life to unfold, rather than planning it, and her live fast mantra.

Key Learnings and Highlights

  • On the non-profit 2.0 model: “The local plus global combination can be really powerful…How do we think long-term about these challenges so we don’t have to continue to work on them but can actually solve them?”
  • On making your unique contribution: “…Always leave space to think about what your passions and inspirations are. When they feed into your work, you can authentically build a pathway to change in a way that is meaningful to you.”
  • On growth: “We are the sum of our experiences…Going through growth experiences gives you new perspective and changes you as a person.”
  • On adventure: “I’m one of those people where it’s entirely about the journey not the destination…It’s always about the people I’m with, the people I meet, and the experience along the way…For me, the journey aspect is the most fun. That’s where all of the stories come from.”
  • On letting life unfold: “I didn’t plan out any steps of my career. I never had an end goal or trajectory. I just said yes to opportunities that came across my path…It’s what makes my professional career exciting because I don’t know what’s next. I love where I am and I love building what I’m working on.”
  • On mortality: “…It makes you want to take advantage of life. For me, it makes me not feel like planning or having very specific goals. I just feel excited to be fully present in the moment that I have currently so I can experience and appreciate it…I try to check myself every once in awhile by asking: Am I living a life where if I die tomorrow I would feel like I lived my fullest and best life?”