To Eradicate Poverty, Give Work – Here’s How

Leila Janah

with Leila Janah

CEO and Founder of Samasource and LXMI and the author of Give Work

To Eradicate Poverty, Give Work – Here’s How

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Leila Janah and Jenna discuss the Give Work philosophy of shifting the view of people in poverty as those who need aid to equal producers and participants in the global economy. Leila shares how the future of work will require everyone to be an entrepreneur and how Samasource is training people to be competitive in the digital world. We discuss launching and building her skincare company LXMI with a Give Work mentality, incorporating as a B Corporation, the power of supply chain, and why we need to shift from the idea of shareholder capitalism to stakeholder capitalism. Leila also dives into her personal journey, including her experience with a group of Fortune 100 CEOs and Pope Francis at The Vatican,  lessons like ‘Embrace what is, not what you thought should be,’ and seeking inspiration and solace in nature — To gain insight, feel small compared to something bigger. Most importantly, she shares a reminder that we have an obligation to make a difference for others.