Living Vibrantly with Amanda Haas

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Bestselling Author, Health Advocate and Culinary Leader

Living Vibrantly with Amanda Haas

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Amanda Haas and Jenna discuss the daily choices we can make — from the food we eat to the thoughts we think — to fully embrace our role as the creators of our own happiness. We chat about the power of self-awareness and showing up for yourself, being open to love, and laughing every day.

Living Vibrantly with Amanda Haas

You have to say what you want outloud. It’s one of the life tips Amanda Haas shared with us in 2018 and an insight I hear her repeating whenever I need a boost of courage.

Amanda told me about her dreams for her new business when we first connected that summer. She was just a few months in then and it’s been a privilege to watch her bring them to life one by one, from her new book to her meals at Whole Foods and more.

Intentionality is one of Amanda’s core pillars, and the refreshing foundation of The Vibrant Life where she addresses wellbeing for what it really is: Tuning in to your mind and body to discern what you need and fulfilling it. Today, that might be morning yoga and meditation. Tomorrow, a comforting bowl of her sweet potato chili after a long day. For Amanda, wellbeing isn’t about rigorous routines and unrealistic expectations. Living vibrantly is about taking care of yourself so you can enjoy your life fully.

My copy of The Vibrant Life is tabbed with hundreds of green stickies, and I only wish Amanda and I could have chatted about all of the chapters. Here are a few snippets from our conversation that I’ve been reflecting on. You can hear Amanda’s journey learning these lessons in our podcast and be sure to follow her on Instagram for your daily dose of humor and inspiration.

  • On happiness:  “We are in charge of our own happiness. No one is here to create it for us.”
  • On health: “It is never to late to start eating better and improving your health.”
  • On showing up: “You always feel better when you show up for yourself.”
  • On humor: “Life is worth laughing about. The more you laugh the better you feel; Physically, mentally, spiritually. Humor matters.” (Amanda takes humor so seriously that in The Vibrant Life, she challenges us to laugh once a day!)
  • On lightness: “Having fun at work doesn’t mean that you aren’t good at your job or that you don’t care about it. It means you have some perspective on life. Taking yourself too seriously doesn’t help you create the best work.”
  • On gathering: “Amazing things happen when you open up your home.”
  • On love: “Be open to receiving love, not just giving it.”
  • On connection: “It’s easy to be optimistic when you surround yourself with love.”