Succeeding in Today’s Boardrooms

John Montford

with John Montford

President & Chief Executive Officer of JTM Consulting

Succeeding in Today’s Boardrooms

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Moe Abdou is joined by Texas Tech University chancellor emeritus and former member of the Texas State Senate, John Montford to discuss what modern boards look for in attracting their next generation directors.

What It Takes to Earn a Prominent Board Seat

One of the most distinguished of professional achievements is the opportunity to serve on a corporate board; not only is it a testament to one’s leadership judgment and ability to demonstrate impact, more importantly, it’s perhaps the most important pathway for your voice to be heard in an otherwise free enterprise system that’s in desperate need of a more inclusive and diverse culture.  Ironically though, election to such a board, regardless of size, remains such an elusive feat that far too many highly qualified candidates simply opt to channel their energies elsewhere.

In his book, Board Games: Straight Talk for New Directors and Good Governance, Texas Tech University chancellor emeritus and former member of the Texas State Senate, John Montford opens a candid dialogue on why serving on a board will not only strengthen your business resume, but is the key catalyst towards multiplying shareholder value.  “Today’s boards need leaders who are experienced enough to inspire confidence in their abilities and self-aware enough to recognize the limits of their knowledge, time, and energy” he states.  “Their memberships need to become more diverse, not only to align with meritocracy they espouse, but also to connect more authentically with the global populations they serve.”

Spending time with John was an amazing masterclass for me in understanding how effective boards operate, and as you’ll quickly notice during our conversation, it all starts with the principle of radical transparency.

Listen to his perspective on these key topics:

  • The leadership that a modern board needs
  • What it takes to get appointed to a board
  • The reality of board diversity and why it matters more than ever before
  • How good boards handle bad things
  • Getting the CEO search and succession right
  • Understanding your fiduciary responsibility as a board member
  • Why cybersecurity is every director’s business