Taking The Work Out of Networking

Karen Wickre

with Karen Wickre

Connector, Communicator, Reality Checker

Taking The Work Out of Networking

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Networking is a dreaded activity for many, still as power connector, Karen Wickre discusses with Moe, building an influential network is first and foremost about having a genuine interest in others.  

Taking The Work Out of Networking

I have a great appreciation for genuine connectors – those who make it a priority to leverage their relationships for the good of everyone involved.  Like you, I’ve been around plenty of surface people who make an introduction here and there simply to check the box; still it’s rare to find the self-assured few who not only want to multiply their contribution to others, but who do it in the service of a purpose that far exceeds their own wellbeing.  Silicon Valley veteran, Karen Wickre is one such individual.  

Despite being an outsider, Wickre has navigated her way through the Bay area for the better part of four decades landing coveted tenures at tech titans Google and Twitter.  Her passion for journalism challenged her to continually seek opportunity and explore her potential – After a short stint at a failed e-commerce startup in early 2000, she decided to start an informal support group that would not only lend inspiration to those suffering from the then tech bubble; but more importantly, to start a dialogue about ways where members could help one another find ways to earn a living.  It was there that the trajectory of her life would change forever.

As you’ll discover in our conversation and throughout her new book – Taking the Work Out of Networking:  An Introvert’s Guide to Making Connections That Count – Wickre has built an impressive network not only because she’s a genuine connector; but much more due to her sincere interest in others.  Here’s a sample of the discussion topics we explore:

  • Why effective networking is more like farming and not hunting?
  • Why most of us don’t think we deserve what we’re asking for?
  • The state of mind that serves you best when meeting strangers for the first time.
  • The proper followup etiquette after meeting someone for the first time.
  • Developing a criteria for a meaningful relationship/connection.
  • A way to talk about yourself that’s both inviting and engaging
  • Two things that master networkers do that most of us ignore.