The Best Career Advice

Caroline Ceniza-Levine

with Caroline Ceniza-Levine

Career Expert, Writer and Speaker

The Best Career Advice

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Caroline gives some of the best career advice from the principles of Bill Gates and Warren Buffet

Entrepreneurs are made, not born

Whether you’re looking to start your own business or join a great company, the most important skills that you need to thrive in today’s economy are entrepreneurial.  As entrepreneurs, we typically start by identifying interesting problems that fascinate us and then aligning our unique skills and talents to help solve them.  We then highlight our uniqueness in the marketplace by carving our niche and differentiating the value we create.  Most importantly, we live in constant learning and innovation mode, always refining our work.  Ask career coach, Caroline Ceniza-Levine what employers demand today, and she’ll stress the traits that make entrepreneurs entrepreneurial – imagination, salesmanship, and self assurance, among others.  Here’s how you, too can thrive in today’s business climate ……