The Connected Leader

Dan Pontefract

with Dan Pontefract

Chief Envisioner at TELUS

The Connected Leader

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Moe and Dan discuss powerful tools for overcoming resistance to change and creating a culture of collaboration, engagement, and employee empowerment.

The Connected Leader

One of my more gifted friends, Sebastian is an amazing judge of talent.  His track record for attracting and advancing top talent is simply without peer.  Not only does he have that rare foresight to distinguish someone’s future; its his ability to orchestrate his team’s cohesiveness that further sets him apart.

Each Monday afternoon from 3-5 PM, he convenes with his senior executive team for their weekly problem solving session.  The meeting starts with each of his eight senior executives spending two minutes to address their single most pressing problem; which is further evaluated against the others, with only one emerging as the most significant for the wellbeing of the organization.  Once identified, the nine-member team works together Navy Seal type precision to anticipate every obstacle, identify alternative paths, all as they work towards a concrete solution – which is the outcome of each session.  No meeting will ever end without an implementable solution.

In his book, Flat Army:  Creating a Connected and Engaged Organization, Dan Pontefract would identify Sebastian as a ‘participative leader’ because he’s always perfecting this skill set.