The Innovator’s Method

Jeff Dyer

with Jeff Dyer

Horace Beesley Professor of Strategy

The Innovator’s Method

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Moe and Jeff Dyer talk about The Innovators Method and how modern innovators do what they do.

How Innovators Launch Products

Just as you wouldn’t expect a professional sports franchise or thriving business to succeed without great leadership; similarly, a high potential entrepreneur would be better served to have an objective advisor or two looking after his blind spots.  Of course, finding such a confidant is like the proverbial needle in haystack, which proves why Tony Robbins has a long waiting list of executives eager to pay him upwards of seven figures for his counsel.  

I recently spent time with a dear friend, who is in his thirty-first year of advising some of the world’s most successful people.  From A-list entertainers and professional athletes, to world leaders; he’s consistently been the trusted one they turn to when things don’t go as planned.  The great paradox for him, however, is that while that access affords him a great living; it limits his ability to gain any leverage.  As an experiment, I recommended that he invite 10 individuals to a private weekly discussion group, at no additional cost, where they not only can address their most pressing issues, but also gain insight from the collective wisdom of the group.

The idea was well received and by the fourth week he was so energized that he was eager to launch a second group, this time with non-clients.  Before approaching those on his waiting list, we invited the 10 active members to recommend a friend; and within two hours, the second group was launched.  Another month had passed, and it was clear that his one-on-one practice was on the threshold of reinvention, the only question remaining was whether he could attract non-clients to start paying.  Again, he reached out to the 20 active participants for the opportunity to recommend just one person, and this time he received 16 recommendations.  It took four days for 10 of them to commit and a new business model to emerge.   

In his latest book, The Innovator’s Method: Bringing the Lean Start Up into Your Organization, Jeff Dyer reiterates why these types of experiments not only help you nail the problem & solution, but they set the stage for this series of prototypes.